Keeping Your Airline Healthy

Welcome to Airline Doctors, Inc.

We are a group of airline professionals that have teamed up to provide our services to small & mid-sized airlines requiring specialized assistance with a variety of tasks and needs. Our group of professionals have worked for airlines as small as 1 plane to airlines with as many at 400. Our goal is simple: We feel we can provide better services, more efficiently, than some of the larger traditional firms. We’ve worked from the ground up and know how to perform the tasks needed. While we can come in, as consultants, to your airline and play “CHIEF”, we’re damn good at playing “INDIAN” and getting things done! We take pride in our work, we take pride in helping your company, and we take pride in completing the job. And without charging you an arm & a leg, or a new engine.

A few of our more popular services
Interline Agreements

Interline Need help with Interline issues at your airline, or do you WANT to interline? We can help!
First, there are two types of interline – revenue and non-revenue. Revenue interline is the ability to sell tickets on other airlines and transfer bags. This isn’t the same as codeshare. Interlining typically will make the booking process easier for your customers and greatly enhance your visibility with ONLINE TRAVEL AGENCIES. Revenue interline typically requires linking your airline computer system with that of the other airline through an E-TICKET HUB – this isn’t simply flipping a switch. We can help you work through the steps needed to have a proper INTERLINE E-TICKET & BAGGAGE AGREEMENT between your carrier and another. Interline agreements are typically the foundation of commercial agreements between airlines and can be dampened or restricted based on your computer reservation system. We will be happy to consult with your airline and review your options – including a review of your CRS to determine if interline is even possible. Non-revenue interline is when your airline has an agreement with another for reduced rate transportation for your staff to travel on eachother. Many airlines are now moving to self-service models like myIDTravel and ID90T, yet some still require an INTERLINE E-TICKET & BAGGAGE AGREEMENT between your airline and the other airline. We can help walk you through the process or manage the process depending on your needs. Airline Doctors, Inc. also provides interline management services for your airline. Many duties are highly specialized & many airlines simply can’t afford to have a pass bureau or interline manager – so let us do it for you! We have been performing interline duties for over 15 years and are still active… instead of starting from scratch, let us build the relationships for you! Initial consultation services start as low as $500 USD, with monthly retainer services as low as $750 USD.


“I never knew you existed, I didn’t see you on Kayak” Tired of hearing this? Want to get your airline in the online travel agencies and visible to world wide sales? Let us help! ADI can help walk you through the challenges of getting proper electronic ticketing & messaging set up so you CAN be visible in the Global Distribution Systems and have your inventory and flights selling on the likes of Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak, Opodo, Google Flights. While there are many hurdles, we will help you figure out the best way to navigate the challenging distribution channels for maximum profit and yield for your airline. Many smaller airlines don’t have the proper links or know how to start – that’s where we can help. We require an initial consultation to review your system and plans before signing a Distribution Advisory Agreement – many systems just aren’t capable of Type A and Type B messaging. And if you don’t have a computer system or are looking to migrate, we can also help. If we feel we can get you linked, we will then work on an agreement to get you in the proper systems and/or channels of distribution as well as membership in the proper groups. IT and data services are very difficult and challenging, so why not let people who have done this over and over help you and your airline?

Pass Travel

Getting to the point your HR / Administration staff can no longer manage employee travel? Starting up and need a real expert to get you going? Airline Doctors can help! We have dedicated staff whose expertise is in setting up your employee travel agreements and employee pass bureau. Our staff will assist you with the basics: getting your airline proper membership in the appropriate groups, select the proper fulfillment method (self ticketing, self service), write & enforce travel policy, fulfill employee travel – both leisure and company business. We will take over all the aspects of non-revenue travel and provide your staff with top-of-the-line professional service with knowledgeable and experienced staff. When you select ADI to run your interline/pass bureau department, depending on your airline’s size you can expect: -> Set-up your pass bureau/employee travel policies -> Train your management on the current policies -> Help develop proper handling of non-revenue travel in your CRS -> Get your airline involved in the proper groups / memberships as needed -> Represent your airline at conferences & work groups when your carrier is a member -> Monthly communication / newsletter to your staff – via your intranet, company bulletin boards, or newsletter. You can also embed our information into a current newsletter. -> Online training videos/audio available to staff & managers; depending on size we will even do monthly travel training. -> Solicit new employee travel agreements -> Oversee employee travel agreements -> Be available via telephone for your staff/managers during YOUR normal business hours, with exceptions of U.S. Federal holidays Please note: our fees do NOT include the fees of membership in implied groups (IE: ISMC, PBA, ZED, etc) nor cover required tools of fulfillment (ie: ticket stock, mailings, self-service charges). Please contact us for more information.